Problem nutrition facts and recommendations in nutrition labels

What's the problem

Nutrition labels on packages of food and drinks include standardized nutrition facts and often also standardized nutrition recommendations.


Nutrition labels are difficult to understand for many, especially children, and do not lend themselves to quick comparisons, especially when no nutrition recommendations are included. If included, these recommendations are only based on the standardized daily diet of an average woman with a daily calorie requirement of 2,000 kcal. Because the nutrition recommendations are only for this specific average woman, they can lead to health risks for us. Due to the standardized nutrition recommendations, people with lower calorie requirements may eat and drink too much and people with higher calorie requirements may eat and drink not enough. Especially people suffering from overweight tend to underestimate the consumption of foods with a high calorie content and thus, their own energy supply. 


Because requirements of calories and nutrients are different for all people, standardized recommendations on nutrition labels are not intended as targets.

Solution nutrition facts and recommendations in nutrition labels

What's the solution

my Food Traffic Lights is a world premiere. For the first time, really personal nutrition recommendations are provided in an easily understandable form, which is free to download and at the same time requires no registration and login from you.


By using Food Traffic Lights, the app shows you, whether a food or drink fits into your individual daily diet or not. my Food Traffic Lights enables you to easily understand and use nutrition facts on foods for your daily diet. With my Food Traffic Lights, it takes only one look on your mobile phone to check if a food or drink meets the requirements for your healthy eating plan and fitness. With the use of my Food Traffic Lights, you can better resist unhealthy foods compared to the use of only standardized nutrition facts on foods. No matter whether you would like to keep your own weight or achieve a weight loss or gain to a specific target weight or BMI, it can be done easily with my Food Traffic Lights. The use of the app is absolutely easy and comfortable without annoying calorie counting or barcode scanning with a bad internet connection.


my Food Traffic Lights is available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Just try it!