Fair Friend

Logo of Fair Friend company

"It is always Day 1."

Jeff Bezos


Fair Friend is a company based in Germany. It was founded to create innovative products, which can be used by everyone. Our solutions aim at making your life easier by making complex matters easy to understand even through the use of artificial intelligence within our products. We want to achieve that everyone has a fair chance of understanding complex matters. Further, we always thrive to provide you with the highest quality in our products. In consequence, we will not create products, which do not fulfill our own strict quality requirements.


As the name of our company, Fair Friend, implies, we also want to offer fair products at fair prices. We aim to offer our useful products to you for free and will only include in-app purchases at low prices.


Fair Friend and the my Food Traffic Lights app were supported and acknowledged for being innovative in solving a social challenge by Social Impact Lab as well as the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.